About me

I, Angelique Nooijen, was born in 1964 in Delfgauw. I am a self-taught artist and have been painting for over 30 years. When I left school, I would have preferred to go to art academy, but I accidentally ended up in the Forensic world and graduated in Amsterdam with a bachelor's degree in applied science. I have been working in the Forensic world for over 36 years now. As a painter I am fascinated by the Dutch landscape, which is reflected in my work. I love the beach, the dunes and the sea, above which there is often a fascinating cloud cover that seems different every day. I have participated in several local exhibitions. My dream is to create more brand awareness and eventually work less so that I can focus more on my painting. Painting is my passion and makes me a more relaxed and happier person. Besides painting I also restore old picture frames.

Heeft u een opdracht laat dan uw wensen achter in een mail, het liefst met een foto als voorbeeld. Ik zal dan zo snel mogelijk contact met u opnemen.

If you want to see my works, you can admire them at brasserie 'Nearly home':
Van Vredenburchweg 170 te Rijswijk.

Van Vredenburchweg 170
2285 SE, Rijswijk
070 – 219 77 20

Promo Video Galleries

Watch the promo video with various works of mine. Knowing more? Please contact:

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